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National Lung Cancer Partnership

In 2008, the Pennsylvania chapter of the National Lung Cancer Partnership called upon Bellevue Communications (formerly Jubelirer Strategies) to raise awareness for the organization’s statewide advocacy and fundraising events. The Partnership holds “Free to Breathe” 5K and 1-mile walk/runs throughout Pennsylvania where survivors, advocates, physicians, family members and friends join together to raise money and awareness for lung cancer – the deadliest of all cancers. The organization’s goal is to double the lung cancer survival rate by 2022.
Since the beginning of our collaboration six years ago, we have secured over 50 stories for the Partnership including appearances on local television and radio shows and in newspaper, magazine and online outlets. Stories have highlighted themes including: refuting the myth that lung cancer is just a “smoker’s disease,” shining a light on the cancer’s unfair stigmas, illustrating how diverse its victims are, and educating others about its symptoms and the importance of screening. Fundraising at Free to Breathe Philadelphia hit an all-time record high in 2013 with over $368,000 raised and a turnout of over 3,000 participants on event day.